In 1995, while interning as an editor, I graduated as a bass player. Switched a few years later from the publishing industry to web design. After spending the following decades working as a game audio designer and a front-end developer between Italy and the UK, I gained a diploma at Berklee, specializing in music production, mixing above all.

Sound Design

Recording and sculpting sound has always been a massive creative push. Heterogeneous collaborations, game audio, editing and restoration are a constant source of excitement.

Web Design

Designing and coding for the web is my parallel skill. A digital evolution of a past experience with the printed page, I strive for exceptional minimalism and optimization.

Original Music Productions

Beyond a stint as a game audio composer, I love telling stories with music. This is why my original productions mostly focus on the concept album as a format.


Here is a detailed list of everything I use, software and hardware.


A representative selection of the 27 recommendations I received on LinkedIn.

What’s always impressed me about Simone is his attention to detail, which he demonstrates in every area of his work. Not only is he a prolific producer and bassist, but he easily comprehends and executes on the most abstract concepts across tech, audio, marketing, branding, and visual arts. When you work with Simone, everything is down, documented, and organised, which makes it very easy to work with him directly or in the context of a team. — Christopher Carvalho, Unlock Your Sound

My experience of working with Simone has always been very positive and enjoyable. Simone always takes a pragmatic and investigative approach to finding solutions for our needs and has very friendly and helpful attitude. His attention to detail makes him always deliver perfect coded products, saving us time and concerns on the web projects he develops. — Gabriele Rosati, UX and interaction design manager at UniCredit

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